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"Empowering lives through real estate"

This is the motto I live by as a realtor regardless if you are buying your first home or a seasoned investor.

What does it mean to “empower lives through real estate?”

Through real estate you are empowering yourself to live your best life, while setting the tone of your personal lifestyle, and most importantly building wealth.

You are also setting the course for your future generations.

It  can also mean wealth-building through real estate. As an investor-friendly realtor, I own and manage properties that supplement my income and provide me with future stability. You can build equity with your property’s appreciation and/or rental income, while not paying a single penny from your pocket. The American dream is not just buying the home with the white picket fence, but also taking control of your own future lifestyle.


I became a realtor to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Before going into real estate I was a nuclear medicine technologist (Yes, I had to take a nuclear physics class). I interacted specifically with cancer patients while they were at their most vulnerable, and made them comfortable by listening and giving the best care possible. I carry that same level of compassion and level of detail into real estate to help people that are making their largest purchase/investment of their life to achieve their American dream.

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